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3 Adaptogens to Help Fight Brain Fog

We all find it difficult to focus sometimes — especially in the age of technology. But here’s the thing: it’s not just the constant stream of notifications that’s to blame for our limited attention spans. Stress, poor sleep, viral infections, and malnutrition can all play a role in causing our minds to wander. Discover three supplements for focus that may help you get back on track (and ready to concentrate).  What is brain fog and why do we get it? We’ve got news for you. Brain fog isn’t an “official medical term.” Instead, it’s a term used to describe symptoms...

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Adaptogens for Stress Relief

And 5 common conditions related to stress We don’t often think about this: stress can have a major impact on health. While we’re drinking our weight in green juice and spending hours on the Peleton, how often do we stop and just spend a few minutes relieving stress? We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t pay as much attention to stress as we do our other health markers. And experts believe this could be a big mistake. Stress may play a major role in other health conditions and may not only decrease our quality of life — but...

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Adaptogens & Sleep 101

Rest easy with these adaptogens Struggling to fall asleep? As there’s so much to get stressed about these days, it would be weird if you weren’t tossing and turning at least a few nights a week. After all, we’re only human—and with pandemics, wars, inequality, and so much suffering, it’s impossible no to lose sleep.  But, there’s a difference between insomnia caused by doom scrolling and sleep issues caused by chronic stress. One is fixable. Power down those devices and let the world do its thing. As Mom always said, it’ll all still be there tomorrow morning.  The other? You...

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Mocha Morning Smoothie

Who doesn't love coffee and chocolate? This smoothie is a bit of everything but the kitchen sink—coffee, cinnamon, cacao powder, nut butter and a banana. Throw it all together and—voilá—you have a Mocha morning smoothie faster than you can say "espresso."   You can use our Boost (cinnamon vanilla nut butter) for an added kick with its turmeric or black pepper, or our classic Balance for an all-day almond. We loved the blend of cinnamon, turmeric, and cacao in this smoothie for a decadent and spice-forward flavor that gave us Mexican hot chocolate vibes.  Plus, Boost has a functional dose...

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Paleo Nutella Cookies

 World Nutella Day is February 10, so there's no better way to celebrate than cookies! While we think it's totally appropriate to eat classic Nutella straight from the jar (you do you)—it's also not that good for you. Not to be a buzz kill, but Nutella has 21 g of sugar per serving, 11 grams of (unhealthy) fat and is filled with palm oil, which is bad for your bodies, bad for the environment. To make matters more heartbreaking, palm oil farming is largely responsible for the degradation and death of Indonesia's orangutang population. Now, for the good news, you can...

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Cinnamon Vanilla Immunity Smoothie

We love a sweet treat—particularly when it’s a smoothie masquerading as dessert! At retreat, we believe in food as medicine—but we need it to taste great, too! We love this easy recipe for a simple morning smoothie that’s sweet, satisfying and packed with adaptogens for well-being, collagen for skin health, and plenty of protein via nut butters.  Our “Boost” flavor is dedicated to boosting your immunity and reducing inflammation. It packs a functional dose (pill’s worth) of turmeric, a well-known immunity booster as well as black pepper, shitake, Reishi and Cordyceps. Shiitake, the mushrooms you may have in your fridge,...

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