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find your flow, take a retreat

at retreat, we believe in food as medicine—helping nourish the body, mind & soul so you can live your best, fullest life. Our superfood spreads are packed with adaptogens, a unique category of plants and herbs that can increase your body’s response to stressors and get you functioning at your best.

We want to help you find joy in the everyday—those delicious, decadent, in-between moments, because life is about the journey. That’s why our spreads are not only good for you—but taste truly decadent. But don’t worry—retreat is sweetened with all-natural dates, sprinkled with Himalayn sea salt, and free of sugar, chemicals, and processed additives.

so take a moment—enjoy the journey and find joy in retreat.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Join us @retreatoods on Instagram.

with gratitude,
Cori Sue